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Now Steve Cohen sends the email he sent me to the Indymedia list. Note that the subject line has been changed from “the anti semitism of indymedia”, to ” anti semitism”. Theres a big time gap between the 2 posts. Why did he not send it directly to the list in the first place? Why wait till the next day, and until after he has received it back in his inbox via the CC list which he was added to? – ftp

Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2007 10:03:08 -0000
From: steve cohen
Cc: “Greenstein, Tony”
Reply-to: Middle column features for Indymedia UK
Subject: [Imc-uk-features] anti semitism

As a hitherto supporter of Indymedia I am writing in total support of Tony Greenstein’s attribution of anti-Semitism
Some political positions are so clear that they require no reflection to asceratain their meaning. Nazism is one such position. What you have published is another. To talk of “Judaic world view” (ie attributing to all Jews the same view – the conspiracy theory) and refering to the “unpopularity” of Jews in Nazified Europe (a form of holocaust minimisation which virtually coincides with denial) as well as “their holocaust”( the holocaust was perpetrated ON Jews – and others. The perpetrators were the Nazis)…all this is clear,unarguable anti-Semitism. Just as “kill the Yids” is clear,unarguable,anti-Semitism. But yet you claim a) it is open to interpretation b) even if it were anti-Semitic you need a “consensus” as to what to do if anything – a somewhat unique position on fighting racism c) in the meantime you feel quite prepared to print this junk (which incidenetally in identifying anti-Semitism with Palestinian liberation puts you in antagonism to all progressive Palestinian thought). Of course you can continue to use your energy going down this obnoxious path. Or else you can print an apology. steve cohen


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