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Roland Rance, one of the CCs on Greenstein’s list replies. He accuses me of implying a Jewish conspiracy against Indymedia, and says that he doesn’t care whether or not Indymedia takes the article down BUT if it Indymedia doesn’t take it down:

then you cannot expect us to consider Indymedia to be part of the left.”

He denies being part of a group and then uses the term ‘us’ – who could that be then?

Note, I replied to all Greenstein’s CCs – if they are all Jewish, then that is because Greenie thought that these are the people who should be CCd into an email that was supposedly from an individual expressing concern on behalf of another individual, to a working list of the Indymedia collective. I have no idea what he is referring to when he says “My comments were entirely independent and unsolicted”. As for setting people onto Indymedia, we have already seen that Greenstein contacted 3 lists asking them to mail the Indymedia list. The question of Steve Cohen’s email is why it was addressed to me, and not to the list.

No comments have been hidden  on the article, and Rance doesn’t appear to have commented. – ftp

Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2007 00:23:05 -0000
From: Roland Rance
To: freethepeeps@aktivix.org
Cc: ‘Moshe Machover’ , ‘deborah maccoby’ , ‘charlie pottins’ , ‘Diana Neslen’ , ‘David Rosenberg’ , ‘MARK ELF’ , ‘Michael Karlmanovitch’ , ‘sofia mcleoad’ , Steve Cohen , ‘tony greenstein’
Reply-to: roland@rantam.net
Subject: RE: Bullying tactics

I am not working as part of any group on this; nobody has “set me onto” you
or Indymedia. My comments were entirely independent and unsolicted, and I
resent your suggestion, with its implication of a Jewish conspiracy against

The fact is athat Gilad Atzmon is an increasingly open antisemite. He
purports to explain the Palestine-Israel conflict as an outcome of a “Judaic
worldview”, he denounces anyone who identifies as a Jew — even explicit
anti-Zionists — as “undercover Zionists”, “Zionist gatekeepers”, “Jewish
tribal activists” or worse, and he has indulged in the most offensive
attacks on Jews — see, for instance, his unpleasant remarks abour Michael
Rosen, David Rosenbverg, Julia Bard and others on the Socialist Unity blog
at http://www.socialistunity.com/?p=554

Atzmon is no friend of the left. Indeed, he denies that the term has any
relevance: “I argue that left and right are dated concepts”
http://www.gilad.co.uk/html%20files/maryrizzo.html . He is, however, a fan
of Hitler’s favourite Jew, the misogynisrtic racist Otto Weininger, “one of
the most influential intellectual figures in the first four decades of the
20th century” http://www.gilad.co.uk/html%20files/sexpolitics.html

Indymedia is currently hosting an article that argues that the Jews in
Europe brought the holocaust upon themselves. This puts you in particularly
nasty company. Personally, I couldn’t care less whether you or not you hide
Atzmon’s contributions. But, if you leave them on display — and
particularly if you hide critical comments — then you cannot expect us to
consider Indymedia to be part of the left.

Roland Rance


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