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Having thought about Cohen’s email, I fear that the debate is about to come highly personalised. Anyone who reads Atzmon differently is opening themselves up to attack by a group who seem to think that they have a right to bulldoze Indymedia into submission in this new battle in their war of attrition. The collective has struggled with similar claims before – some of us agree with Greenstein that it is all too often used as a tool to smear political opponents with, others appear to automatically accept the claims. I decided to write to them – ftp

Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2007 22:14:17 +0000
From: freethepeeps@aktivix.org
To: tony greenstein
Cc: Roland Rance , Moshe Machover , deborah maccoby , charlie pottins , Diana Neslen , David Rosenberg , MARK ELF , Michael Karlmanovitch , sofia mcleoad
Subject: Bullying tacticsHi all

This is off list. I presume from the cc’s on Tony’s email that you are working
together as a group on this one.

This is the text of an email I received today:

As a hitherto supporter of Indymedia I am writing in total support of Tony
Greenstein’s attribution of anti-Semitism
Some political positions are so clear that they require no reflection to
asceratain their meaning. Nazism is one such position. What you have published
is another. To talk of “Judaic world view” (ie attributing to all Jews the same
view – the conspiracy theory) and refering to the “unpopularity” of Jews in
Nazified Europe (a form of holocaust minimisation which virtually coincides
with denial) as well as “their holocaust”( the holocaust was perpetrated ON
Jews – and others. The perpetrators were the Nazis)…all this is
clear,unarguable anti-Semitism. Just as “kill the Yids” is
clear,unarguable,anti-Semitism. But yet you claim a) it is open to
interpretation b) even if it were anti-Semitic you need a “consensus” as to
what to do if anything – a somewhat unique position on fighting racism c) in
the meantime you feel quite prepared to print this junk (which incidenetally in
identifying anti-Semitism with Palestinian liberation puts you in antagonism to
all progressive Palestinian thought). Of course you can continue to use your
energy going down this obnoxious path. Or else you can print an apology. steve

Besides the fact that the dude could do with learning to use paragraphs, it
reminds me of the time I got deluged with emails after Deborah Fink’s Christmas
Carolling list was published on a zionist site, with an invitation to harrass
the addressees. I received many emails asking me if I was really a Jew, and
offering the nastiest and most racist filth imaginable.

I thought afterwards that I should have kept them all and published them. This
time I’m keeping them and may well choose to publish them at some stage. Then
others can judge for themselves whether it is a reasonable tactic to set
supporters onto individuals that you do not agree with. Personally I think it
stinks. It certainly seems to be exactly the same tactic that the zionist woman

So, now its a demand that all Atzmon posts are removed from Indymedia? Thats
kind of ironic, considering the fact that Deborah Maccoby had this to say in

No doubt Atzmon will present this article as yet another vicious “defamation”
of him by a “Jewish Gatekeeper”. He will claim I and other practitioners of
“Jewish Power” – ie the Jewish world conspiracy – are trying to silence
him and his allies. But we’re not trying to silence them; we simply want to
reply to their attacks and defend ourselves. Our very efforts to defend
ourselves become, in their twisted and deluded thinking, proof of our sinister
“Jewish Power”. I will end by asking readers of both articles to decide who is
doing the defaming, and I appeal to Palestinians and their supporters to resist
this attempt to divide and undermine the Palestinian solidarity movement from

Is this call for censorship a negation of what Deborah told the readers of
AMIN? Is it the case that you have no desire to debate with Atzmon, you just
want to shut him up? Even when the article in question doesn’t mention you? Are
you seeking to “divide and undermine”, or what?

Are you supportive of the claim that we should just take your word for it and
realise that when you demand, there is no need for reflection or to ascertain
the meaning? That we’d better jump, do what you say, and apologise? Are you
supportive of the claim that what Atzmon says is the same as “kill the Yids”?

I is not a happy bunny.



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An email from a stranger I stand aside from the decision

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