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Yossarian decided to take time out from the list and to focus on his local collective – ftp

[Imc-uk-features] withdrawing from the list

yossarian yossarian at aktivix.org
Wed Nov 7 18:16:34 PST 2007

Hi there,

I’ve been out of town for a few days, which has given me some time to
think about some stuff. I’ve decided that for the time being I’m going
to withdraw from imc-uk-features, imc-uk-process, imc-uk-network, and
imc-uk-contact. I will still be active on the london list (I’m also
subscribed to imc-cambridge).

There are a few reasons for this decision. I just don’t feel that my
participation in these lists, or within the wider network, has been
particularly fruitful over the past year and a half or so. I have been
working really hard to try and get some new software written for us, but
after fifteen months I still can’t effectively show anybody any of it
because we don’t have a server to show it on. This is extraordinarily

I’m also extremely frustrated by both the culture and the content of the
network’s email lists. The continuing willingness of people to
accomodate complete weirdos on the lists (primarily related to 9/11
stuff) and the unwillingness to implement any kind of effective list
moderation policy make me mental. The recent discussion of
anti-semitism on the list, coupled with the dozen or so similar
discussion over the past while, lead me to believe that I am simply not
functioning on the same planet as the rest of the most active site
admins. I don’t want to have any part in taking responsibility for a
site where I need to discuss moderation policy with somebody talking
about the Jewish conspiracy to rule the world. I had half-prepared a
ripping response to this guy, but after I got back I decided that I find
it just basically wrong to bother discussing it. It’s not how I want to
spend my time.

Having said this, I’d like to note that I have a lot of respect for the
work that everyone puts into moderating the site, and that in general
the quality of the site is better in many ways than it’s been since I
got here five years ago.

Perhaps I just need a break. I’ll still be active within the network in
the context of the London collective, and some quite exciting things are
happening at the moment on the code development front. Three working
groups have formed to work on three different experimental Indymedia CMS
codebases (Plone, CakePHP, and Drupal), with the decision on which CMS
to adopt in January. I’ll pop in now and then and report how this
process is coming.

My commitment to Indymedia, which has been my primary political vehicle
for the past seven years, has been quite shaken by the events of this
past year. I still see a lot of potential for Indymedia, even after all
this time, but the way things are going lately I’m not too confident for
the future. Instead of getting involved in further debilitating and
time-consuming discussions via email, I’ll try and contribute something
on a different level and hope that things will have improved by the time
that I’ve had something of a rest,



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