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startx posts to a different publicly archived list – I’ve added the responses on that list below –
the situation has developed to a stage where not only is the collective being forced to take sides in Greenstein’s war of attrition, but divisions are expanding within the collective – there are different readings of Atzmon’s work, and the issue of how to deal with claims of anti-semitism just can’t be agreed on this article

[Imc-uk-process] withdrawing from lists and admin

startx startx at plentyfact.org
Thu Nov 8 02:06:05 PST 2007

hello there,

as some have noticed, i was rather quiet in the debate on
the lists this week. we had several heated debates during
the last 6 month, several times i thought i would drop my
involvement in imc, several times i tried again.

what frustrated me is not only that this or that causes discussion,
but that there seems to be a tendency i completely dislike.
it is simply a question where i want to put my energy into,
and, to be honest, indymedia uk, is it not.

the debate of the last week finally did it. as yossarian said in his
email on the features-list yesterday, it “lead me to believe that I am
simply not functioning on the same planet as the rest of the most
active site admins.” yes, that’s the feeling i have, too. and i cannot
say it better as he did it in his mail.

i, too, thank all people who put work in indymedia uk while i was
involved. i’m involved in other projects with some of them anyway,
so we wont loose contact.

cu on the net and on the streets.



[Imc-uk-process] withdrawing from lists and admin

Bob Maycock bobmaycock at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 8 02:36:19 PST 2007
[Imc-uk-process] withdrawing from lists and admin

cactus at zetnet.co.uk cactus at zetnet.co.uk
Thu Nov 8 05:38:45 PST 2007

Hello startx and yossarian

I think it is a real shame that you two have felt you have to leave/pull
back for the indymedia project, i really do hope
it is temporary and that we can sort any problems out through dialogue at a
network meeting and other face to face
meetings here in London. It is a double hit for us in London as i was
hoping you both would be involved in the
development of the new London site and direction which of course you were
both key to setting in motion.

cheers tony


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Greenstein hiddens x2 gatekeepers

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