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[Imc-uk-features] Jewishness

Cass, Noel n.cass at lancaster.ac.uk
Tue Nov 6 02:54:42 PST 2007

Hi again,

My tuppenceworth…I think mish raising the question of ‘Jewishness’ is to the point here. Linguists could come up with some learned quote about how language is to a large extent out of the hands of its users…’gay’ is now transformed in the mouths of schoolchildren to mean ‘crap’, and is even used by bisexual emo kids: “You’re a boy and you like girls? How gay!”, you get my drift…Gilad may insist that he’s using ‘Jewish’ and ‘Jewishness’ to mean particular things: a politics based on self-identity, the pursuit of Jewish interests above all else etc. How this is different to any other self-interested position based on a person’s self-identity seems hard to disentangle. I’m not convinced that high-ranking American Jews are promoting the interests of Jewishness or even Israel over and above American interests. The point however, is that using ‘Jewish’ in sentences that talk about Jewish power, Jewish interests etc, is inevitably going to play into the hands of people who have less nuanced views of ‘the Jews’. So he is playing to a certain audience whether he likes it or not. Does not the percentage of Afro-Americans in Washington prove that ‘the Blacks’ are controlling America? Or that a ‘Black lobby’ is very influential? Rice and Powell having key positions in the Government? Wouldn’t we consider that kind of talk to be dangerous nonsense? I’m not sure I’m for a ban, and I’m divided even on hiding. hiding would still allow the post to be read by interested parties, so I wouldn’t object to hiding.



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