‘unreasonable request’

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 [Imc-uk-features] From Gilad Atzmon on the debate you are having

phunkee phunkee at aktivix.org
Tue Nov 6 02:58:30 PST 2007


I’m also prepared to support a block on the proposal that Gilad Atzmon’s
material should be ‘banned’ from indymedia uk. I think this is an
unreasonable request.

Personally i don’t have a problem with anyone criticising identity based
politics on the site, particularly stuff based on race.

If you have problems empathising with Gilad’s writing, and you can’t
reflect on the differences between anti-semitism and so-called new
anti-semitism, why don’t you try reflecting on other groups who use
identity politics based on race and think about his critiques? Afteral,
these critiques are nothing new on the left and i’m surprised people
don’t seem to relate to them.

For what it’s worth, i’ll state again that i think his stuff *is*
provocative, and i don’t think you need to speculate too hard to
understand why that is, but i don’t preceive it as anti-semitic. I feel
obliged to add here that I don’t agree with his premise that there’s no
such thing as anti-semitism.

I’d also be interested to see some kind of a process based model of
consensus decision making for indymedia uk, as far as i know, there
isn’t one..



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