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[Imc-uk-features] ‘Anti-semitism’ and the Greenstein/Atzmon bunfight

freethepeeps at aktivix.org freethepeeps at aktivix.org
Fri Nov 2 21:43:07 PDT 2007

Quoting yossarian :

I think you missed my point, so I’ll make it a little clearer. Are you
endorsing the existence of a global Zionist conspiracy for world
domination as posited by Atzmon (among others)? Or not? You do tend to ignore questions like this one, so please answer it straight.

I think Israel packs a disproportionate punch for a country of its size. I think
the close links between the neo-cons and zionists have had unpleasant
consequences. I think it is legitimate to investigate the impact of the
pro-Israel lobby on USA foreign policy. I am not surprised that there are
anti-zionists who have focussed on these issues. Despite that, the answer to
your question is no.

So, I guess I need to ask: why are you reading stuff on this site? Why
would you quote it to us as a good source to find a balanced perspective on Zionism? And is this the sort of material you think it’d be good to have in our newswire? I sure don’t.

I remembered the Blankfort article and googled for it. Had I usewd different
search terms, I might well have clicked on this link:
http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2006/04/338404.html or this one:
http://nyc.indymedia.org/es/2006/04/68264.shtml or this one:

I didn’t look at the rest of the site, I had things I needed to do.

I am painfully aware that this must all sound somewhat unfriendly, but
my head explodes with every fresh email. I don’t mean to sound like a
jerk, and I initially didn’t even want to respond to this thread, but I
really am amazed here,


I can empathise with that – it happens to me quite often on this list…..

It’ll make your head explode even more when you read that I am prepared to
exercise a block in this matter.

Block: Any group member may “block” a proposal. In most models, a single block is sufficient to stop a proposal, although some measures of consensus may require more than one block (see previous section, “If consensus is not unanimous, who must agree?” ). Blocks are generally considered to be an extreme
measure, only used when a member feels a proposal “endanger[s] the organization
or its participants, or violate[s] the mission of the organization” (i.e., a
principled objection). In some consensus models, a group member opposing a
proposal must work with its proponents to find a solution that will work for


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3 strikes and …… Yoss’s response

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