Tony Greenstein requests deletion UK 30/10/07

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Tony Greenstein had originally sent this email to the private contact list – it was forwarded to the features list by one of the admins, for discussion by the collective – in the text Tony Greenstein makes it clear that he is working with Moshe machover on this matter.- ftp

[Imc-uk-features] please remove this anti-Semitic article

Notts IMC notts at
Tue Oct 30 01:29:52 PDT 2007


I’m forwarding this from the imc-uk-contact list for people to have a
look at.

Cheers, Wietse


tony greenstein wrote:
> I sent you the post below 6 days ago. I have not yet received a reply and the article is still up.
> I would be grateful if you could respond, assuming of course that anyone is reading the posts to this address.
> Tony Greenstein
> tony greenstein wrote:
> Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 16:19:30 -0700 (PDT)
> From: tony greenstein
> Subject:
> To: imc-uk-contact at
> CC: dave parks
> Re: Saying NO to the Hunters of Goliath
> I have been forwarded the post below from Moshe Machover. Moshe is an absolutely solid
> Israeli Jewish anti-Zionist. I agree with every word. I have posted. I really think the article should be taken down.
> I’ve corresponded with Dave Parks who gave me this e-mail address. He said that you usually ‘hide’ rather than erase articles but I would ask that you make an exception in this case. The article justifies the holocaust by suggesting that it was the victims of the Nazis who brought the catastrophe on themselves because of their unpopularity. This is not merely factually incorrect (Ian Kershaw’s ‘Hitler Myth’ and ‘Popular Dissent and Opinion in the Third Reich’ show this is not so in Germany) but racist.
> Atzmon himself is very close to a holocaust denial position and has described ‘The Holocaust Wars’ by Paul Eisen, a fulsome tribute to Ernst Zundel, an arden holocaust denier presently in a W German prison, as a ‘great text’. He has and does wax lyrical on international Jewish conspiracies. He has described a number of Jewish anti-Zionists, including myself, in an article the Protocls of the Learned Elders of London, a clear reference to the infamous Czarist forgery.
> On most occasions accusations of anti-Semitism, especially by Zionists against those supporting the Palestinians are a form of defamation. In this case they are unfortunately true.
> In solidarity
> Tony Greenstein
> PS: If you look at the comments section, in which Atzmon poses under the name ‘knuckles’ he also makes various defamatory remarks:
> ‘The problem for many of us however, regarding Mr Greenstein’s credibility is that he has a criminal record for stealing someone else’s credit card, and using it to make various purchases of “toys”. He also has a record of physical and voilent assaults on Jews.’
> and racist remarks:
> ‘”the Jewish state and the sons of Israel are at least as unpopular in the Middle East as their racial brothers Tony Greastein, Mark Elf and Roland Rance were unpopular in the PSC AGM just a few months ago.’
> However, maybe Greenstein can tell us whether or not Jews were involved with Bolshevism….or was it just a Nazi fantasy? If Greenstein doesn’t know the answer, perhaps he will find the time to read the invaluable “Jewish Century” by the Harvard Prof Yuri Slezkine…..
> knuckles: How exactly, Tony? By suggesting that Jews look into their endless tale of destruction and try to understand what is it about them that doesn’t agree with the world? Atzmon suggests that this is the only way to save the Jews and stop others from wanting to harm them.
> In most ‘Knuckes’ contributions like the above Atzmon purports to suggest that he is not Atzmon. However in a post at 00.04 of 23.10.07. he forgets his alias and both writes in the first person and signs off as Atzmon:
> ‘Unlike Elf, Rosen and Greenstein who believe that they are quite a lot better than other Jews just because they use a slightly different recipe for their Gefilte fish, I believe in a severe form of critical self-reflection….
> Unlike you righteous Jews, I would always start with myself, but somehow you are all intelligent enough to realise that my self-reflection exposes your Judeo-centric politics as a severe form of moronic self-loving.
> Last night we were headlining a massive concert for Palestine in Nottingham, the place was completely sold out, 2 weeks ago we did the same for MAP at the 606 in London. Again it sold out 2 weeks in advance. We are now becoming a household name and you seem to become nothing more than a bunch of racially-orientated assholes.
> I wish you luck. Don’t ever stop celebrating your revolting symptoms in public. Please don’t stop fighting me, you are the best glimpse into Jewish self-loving and Zionism in particular.
> Gilad Atzmon
> knuckles
> e-mail: knuckles at


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Saying NO to the hunters of Atzmon Discussion welcomed by an admin

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