I call for the article to stay

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My first email to the list responding to Greenstein’s call. I had to resend it, as for some reason it didn’t arrive the first time I posted it – no-one had posted at that stage – ftp

[Imc-uk-features] Fwd: Re: please remove this anti-Semitic article

Resent as it appears not to have arrived the first time


It is of interest to note that this article sat on the site for 2 months before
the uproar started. It seems to me that Tony Greenstein has been able to
express his views on it, and also that it continues to be part of a long
running Greenstein/Atzmon battle.

The views of Andi and Yoss quoted by Chris seem to be applicable to this post
too, especially as Atzmon specifically denies that there is any racism

“I clearly identify a line of ugliness that is stretched between Zionism,
Neocons, and the Bund, a line of racially orientated discourse that is
stretched between Jaz (a group that calls itself Jews Against Zionism) and ADL
(a group that claims its aim is to “stop defamation of the Jewish people
to assure justice and fair treatment for all”). Both of them are radical
groups, radically oriented towards putting Jewish identity first. And what is
Jewish identity? To those who have read my articles, it is more than obvious
that I believe it has nothing to do with racial category (which I’ve
never even dealt with in my writing) but rather with racially-orientated
politics. That is the tendency which I obviously disapprove of, and over the
years I’ve expressed the reasons why.”

There are clear difficulties in calling someone who has served in the Israeli
army an anti-semite, and I do not believe that Atzmon hates all Jews because
they are Jewish.

The article exists in numerous places on the web, and I do not think that we
should bow to Tony Greenstein’s demand for censorship.

Gilad Atzmon, like Tony Greenstein, is part of the British left, and ultimately
we should exercise the greatest caustion when choosing to censor those with
progressive views.

I am therefore for leaving the article on the newswire.




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